Me – around and about

Here a some of the ways in which you can link up with the various conversations I have had regarding islam, and some general observations on interacting with me.

I have made a fair number of comments via Disqus. They are publicly available, so you should be able to look back at them.
I regular tweet with the name tag tamimisledus. If you haven’t got a twitter account, this –… – will give you some insight.
I have “published” some ad-hoc blogs here and there about some specific issues.

On a general point, I do not necessarily agree with every statement made on the references I have quoted , but they do form the basis for my analysis of islam.
For instance, some think that islam can be reformed and become useful. I strongly disagree. For example, Robert Spencer, probably the foremost thinker and writer criticising islam, has stated that (maybe?) you could take out the “problematic” elements of islam and leave behind a valid religious doctrine. Of course, he may have changed his mind since then. If he hasn’t, I hope to be able to help him change it.

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