Racism in islam

For some time I have had the intention to provide a full exposition of the racism inherent in islam. In the meantime, it seems that even a limited overview of my views might be of use in the struggle against islam.
On a general point, accusations of racism in the context of the struggle against islam is a double edged sword (metaphorically, of course) which is why opponents of islam may shy away from discussing this topic. But, as in all other issues relating to islam, reason is on the side of the opponents of islam, so we should use this in our struggle to defeat this hideous ideology.

According to prevailing views muslims are not a race. Though it is true that muslims do not have common characteristics normally seen as of racial origin, their perception of themselves vis-a-vis non-muslims is completely racial.

What is key is that islam is a racist ideology. For this one must consult the actual sources of the ideology of islam, particularly, but not exclusively, the koran.

What is most important is that  muslims do see themselves as a race. They often speak of themselves as being specially chosen by allah, in contrast to non-muslims whom allah “misleads”.

The koran itself often repeats that muslims are specially favoured by allah, in contrast to the unrelieved criticism and threats made against non-muslims.

It is allah who, without exception, describes non-muslims as inferior. It is allah who prescribes the social structures where non-muslims should be actually be treated as inferior, to be denied the rights that muslims have.

It is allah who promises that all non-muslims will suffer torment in hell. A clear implication that non-muslims are of no value, by contrast with the “good” muslim who will spend eternity in paradise.

Mehdi Hasan (who is a well known muslim commentator) recently explained that his muslim nature was even more deeply rooted than the colour of his skin, which is traditionally seen as racial characteristic. Mehdi Hasan is also well known for having declared that non-muslims are incapable of being moral beings in contrast to the superior morality of muslims.

So in this context muslims see themselves as a superior class of human beings, and equally they see non-muslims as subhuman “kuffar”. And as inferior beings they should not be granted any of the rights in society granted to all muslims.
This is exactly the value system espoused by every racist ideology.

Of course if this was just a part of the muslim belief system, we would hold them in some disdain, but we could decide to ignore them. Unfortunately, that would be extremely foolish because the koran and the subsequent history of islam shows the implementation of this racist ideology wherever it has been able to gain hold.

So back to that double edged sword.

There have been many accusations of racism by muslims. In exposing islam as racist, non-muslims may seem to be giving them more dirt to smear us. Some prominent commentators will even assert that to call muslims racist is racist in itself. This is similar to the ludicrous claim that in calling someone a nazi, one must be a nazi. So I don’t think we should be any more concerned about presenting this case, rather than revealing any other aspect of the morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology of islam.

As an aside, we can now understand why muslims are so ready throw about accusations of racism against non-muslims. The reason is quite obvious. Muslims see themselves and non-muslims primarily from a racist perspective.

As I said earlier, I cannot claim substantial rigour in presenting this view, but I do hope that it will be of value even in its current form. In total contrast to the followers of islam, I would welcome criticism even if that would me look a fool, so please add your comments below if you wish to further the debate.


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